Labelling and Natasha's Law

From October 2021, all prepacked food for direct sale (food which is packaged at the same place it is offered to consumers, and is packaged before it is ordered or selected), must be labelled with a full list of ingredients and allergens.

Get Food Labelling Right

The UK Food Information Amendment, also known as Natasha’s Law, is being introduced to protect food allergy sufferers and give them confidence in the food they buy.

This amendment was brought about thanks to the actions of a lobbying group led by the parents of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, the teenager who died after suffering an allergic reaction to an undeclared ingredient in a prepacked meal.

Due to their efforts, the government confirmed that stronger laws would be implemented to protect those with food allergies.

Pre-October 2021, foods prepared on the premises in which they are sold were not required to be individually labelled with ingredient lists, meaning food allergy sufferers were often cautious of buying food whilst they were out.

EPOS solution for Natasha's Law

From 1 October 2021, the way food businesses provide allergen labelling information on Pre-packed for Direct Sale (PPDS) food will change. PPDS food is food that is packaged at the same place it is offered to customers and is in the packaging before it is ordered or selected.

Under the new rules, food businesses must clearly display two essential pieces of information on all PPDS food.

This includes:

  • The name of the food;
  • A full ingredients list, with allergens emphasised (e.g. in bold, italics or a different colour).

This can include salads and sandwiches that customers select themselves and pre-wrapped foods kept behind a counter, as well as some products packaged and sold at mobile or temporary outlets.

Focused On Food

"The EPOS Bureau continues to demonstrate that they understand the Farm Shop and Independent Food Retail sector better than any other provider."

Helping Customers With Natasha's Law.

We are an EPOS company that specialises in providing solutions to grow successful businesses in the food retail and hospitality sectors. To achieve that, our team regularly speak to our users about how to make life simpler when running their business.

For Natasha's Law, we wanted to ensure that our customers could manage their recipes, allergens and labelling requirements all within one piece of software.

So... that's what we're doing; working alongside award-winning, innovative, retailers to ensure our offer ticks all the right boxes!

Food labelling solution for Natasha's Law

A single solution to manage recipes, ingredients, allergens and labelling.

We are providing dedicated recipe management and labelling modules so you don't have to change systems or maintain product information in multiple places.

  • Recipe Management

    Define your recipes along with full cost and margin controls, including labour and packaging costs. Create sub-recipes (e.g. Pastry case) that are then used in multiple parent recipes (e.g. Quiche, Flan, Pie);

  • Ingredients

    Create and stock control all your ingredients for use right across recipes;

  • Allergens

    Easily assign allergens for each product or ingredient to be used when printing labels or recipe cards;

  • Nutrition Management

    Create and manage nutrients, reference intake values, serving sizes and more;

  • Labelling

    Create your own label formats; featuring images, barcodes, text and more. A nutritional table can be automatically generated and allergens are highlighted in bold when printing your labels. You can print your designs to practically any printer, including standard A4 printers, desktop thermal printers and sign card printers.

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