Having a way to analyse your business effectively is key to your on-going profitability. Run our standard reports, produce graphs or pivot grids and make sure you have your finger on the pulse.

EPOS Stock Management Finance Reporting

Practical business insight.

Having access to the product sales, supplier and customer information stored in your system is vital.

Our flexible reporting module gives you a wide variety of reports which can be customised as required. They can be configured to run at predetermined intervals and emailed so they're ready when you are. Whether you are a small business or need ‘big data’, we make reporting easy.

These days, it's about working smarter, not harder so whatever your role in the business, make better decisions with our intelligent reports, providing you with valuable insight to get your job done faster.

Great minds think alike.

Let’s put our heads together for a win-win partnership that benefits your business and ours.
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