Blacker Hall Farm Shop offers award-winning seasonal produce from their own farm and other local farms. The Garthwaite family opened their doors in 1999 and from that day onwards their mission has remained the same: to provide their customers with top quality, seasonal Yorkshire produce.

We love using Intelligent Vouchers to drive the customer journey and influence either ‘next visits’ or as a tactical influence to shop in another department. As we also have the loyalty module it means we can target specific customers based on spend levels, specific product purchases or blanket across all shoppers. The functionality is flexible, can be time scheduled and we have measurable success rates. The other great feature is you don’t have to use it as a voucher at all. If you have a key message to communicate… it can simply deliver information relating to purchases, recipes or even events.

Cheryl Garthwaite, Director
Blacker Hall Farm Shop Fruit Vegetables
Blacker Hall Quality Meat With Provenance Blacker Hall Production Kitchen
Blacker Hall Farm Shop Bakery Production

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