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Farm Shops - August 24 2020

Retail Marketing Strategies For Tough Times

John StanleyJohn Stanley

Developing unique, memorable marketing strategies in these challenging times is a major issue. In this article, we look at the 5 ways one travel agency approached the problem; consider what lessons we can learn and how we can apply the same thinking to the food retail sector.

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Farm Shops - July 21 2020

What are the new food retail trends?

John StanleyJohn Stanley

If you had mentioned to me six months ago that caper sales would have increased by 34% and pepper sales by 65% in Australia I would have given you a puzzled look. Not anymore! What is going to change next?

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Farm Shops - May 29 2020

Is it time for Farm Shops to diversify?

Andrew BurtonAndrew Burton

With so many 'special days' and events throughout the calendar year, Giftware now presents an ideal opportunity for farm shops to expand into this category.

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Farm Shops - April 9 2020

The Future of Rural Retailing

Andrew BurtonAndrew Burton

With the novel coronavirus having spread far beyond China, it has impacted on retailers around the globe. UK and international companies have had to contend with closing shops, supporting parents’ home-schooling needs, reassuring sick and worried employees and dealing with supply chain disruptions.

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